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Avastus has  vivarium and procedure room space for rent.  Please contact Andreas Thomas (athomas@avastusps.com, 617-401-4615) for more information.

Our in vivo research services include:

  • Cancer efficacy models
  • Rodent models of inflammation/autoimmune disease
  • Pharmacokinetic/biodistribution studies of small molecule drugs and biologicals
  • General pharmacology and tolerability, Bio-analysis of tissues
  • Infectious disease models in rodents and anti-microbial testing
  • Models of rare genetic diseases
  • Animal breeding
  • Surgical models
  • Pathology, histology
  • Necropsy

Our in vitro services include:

  • Biochemical assays
  • Receptor pharmacology studies
  • Cell-based assays
  • MIC/MBC; disk diffusion antibiotic sensitivity testing
  • Cancer cell culture and cell line maintenance
  • ELISA Assays
  • Multiplex cytokine assays

Our Disease Efficacy Models include:


  • LPS Induced Cytokine Production (In Vivo, In Vitro)
  • Adjuvant induced arthritis (AIA)
  • Experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis (EAE)
  • Delayed-type hypersensitivity (DTH)
  • Arthritis – CIA & CAIA
  • Type III hypersensitivity, reverse passive Arthus reaction.


  • Disseminated Mouse and Rat Models
  • Orthotopic Mouse and Rat Models
  • Mouse Subcutaneous Xenograft Models
  • Allograft Mouse and Rat Models
  • Hollow Fiber
  • Mammary Fat Pad Models
  • Patient-derived Xenograft (Ovarian, Breast, Mesothelioma)

Infectious Diseases (bacterial, yeast, fungal)

  • Mouse systemic infection / septicemia
  • Mouse subcutaneous abscess model
  • Rodent Pulmonary Infection models – rat, mouse
  • Ascending UTI
  • Mouse superficial skin infection model
  • Neutropenic models, e.g., thigh and lung infections
  • Target organ infection models, e.g., eye, kidney, skin
  • PK/PD determinations and modeling

Obesity / Diabetes

  • Diet induced obesity (DIO) mouse and rat
  • Hyperlipidemia Hamster, rat, mouse models
  • STZ (streptozotocin) induced diabetic model
  • 5/6 Nephrectomy rat model
  • Zucker Fatty Rat model
  • db/db, ob/ob, db/ob mouse models
  • Glucose metabolism, resting glucose levels, GTT, cytokine analysis