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Our CRO Services Support All
Stages of Preclinical Research

Avastus CRO services offers support through all stages of research from exploratory efforts and model development to translational development of approved therapeutics. We routinely offer exploratory, proof of concept, pharmacokinetic, pharmacodynamic, dose range finding, biodistribution, toxicology, as well as efficacy models in various models of human disease. These include but are not limited to oncology, immuno-oncology, genetic disease, as well as various immune mediated diseases. We are also a trusted local source of various biological materials. Our experienced staff works with clients to understand their needs and can offer significant expertise in guiding the appropriate selection of model systems. We collaborate with our clients to deliver the highest quality science while providing the ability to adapt to changing needs. Our goals at Avastus are to provide and enable exceptional science, build long term relationships, all while providing exceptional value at significantly reduced costs.

Our Research Services Includes:

Optimize Research with
Full Spectrum Imaging

As the leading optical imaging platform for in vivo analysis, the IVIS Lumina LT Series II system from PerkinElmer delivers superior results for both fluorescence and bioluminescence imaging. Let us accelerate your in vivo and in vitro discovery research with our new industry leading imaging system.

Disease Models
Research Service

We understand the importance of Disease Modeling as a fundamental tool for biomedical research. Avastus helps scientists support and facilitate the space for the different areas of research of inflammatory disease, oncology, infectious disease and Obesity/Diabetes.

Technical Services:

Our personnel provide various technical services that help researchers minimize operation and human resource cost.
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