How We Help.

The services we provide allow scientists to grow their business while controlling cost and reducing burn rates.

We provide a vast array of services to the research industry that are beneficial to companies of all sizes, from biotechnology start-ups, virtual R&D groups, to the largest multinational firms. As with all great things, discovery drug development begins with an idea or a simple concept. These potential life altering ideas require funding, regulatory navigation, and a significant amount of infrastructure to go from concept to real world application. For new and growing pharmaceutical companies, this funding is increasingly hard to attain. We strive to extend your operating runway.

Drug Research Services

Our research team functions as your partner to compound evaluation. The services we offer are instrumental to drug development and provide the client with insight into drug efficacy and tolerability. We offer in vitro assay development and cell-based assays and an array of disease models including microbial infectious disease, diet-induced obesity, diabetes, patient derived xenografts, arthritis, LPS-induced cytokine production, rare genetic diseases, as well as surgical disease models. Our offerings also include breeding services for genetic disease models. Our staff is made up of the most adaptive, creative minds; if you can imagine it, we can put it into action.

Animal Welfare and Facilities Management

We provide your business infrastructure; we offer affordable housing and husbandry services and the use of laboratory space to perform experiments. We also offer our clients use of our Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) for review of protocols and grant proposal review, as well as many other useful services. By facilitating these services, we allow brilliant minds to focus on the most important aspects of their research. The services we provide allow for the scientist to focus on results.