Disease Modeling Services

Disease Models

Disease is indiscriminate and has adversely affected us all in some way. Whether it be the sickness of a co-worker or the loss of a loved one. We work with the understanding that someday, someone we know may be the very patient that utilizes a life altering therapy made possible by our research. We strive to produce the highest quality service to our clients, to ensure that their research is of the utmost quality.

Disease Models

Cancer research is highly dependable on a reliable model and it is not a single molecule-defined tumor. This makes cancer research expensive, difficult and requires an expansive amount of resources. We can help researchers by supporting the following oncology disease models:

Disease Models

Disease model research for metabolic diseases are as heterogeneous as the diseases themselves. That is why we rely on animal models to provide insights and development of therapeutics for these diseases.

Disease Research

Inflammatory Disease research includes a wide variety of disorders and conditions that cause chronic inflammation.

Infectious Disease Models

Transmittable disease continues to evolve, therefore it is important to study transmission rate and other factors that can lead to effective interventions to stop the disease.
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