Animal Welfare Support

Our goal at Avastus is to provide experienced animal care technicians to the research industry and to provide laboratory vivarium space and procedure rooms to our clients in the biotech and pharmaceutical industries. We bring a comprehensive approach to the animal welfare aspect that is cost effective, and beneficial to our clients. At Avastus, we understand the importance of providing quality care, with focus on optimizing animal health to improve study results. We work closely with each client to ensure a collaborative relationship is established. Offering flexible agreements that allow our clients to expand or contract coverage to meet workflow needs. We significantly reduce administrative work by providing management, training, and human resources for staff allowing our clients to focus other important issues.

Animal Facility Management

Our animal facility management programs offer full oversight of all vivarium operations at our client’s worksites including but not limited to: program development, staff oversight, inventory management, training, project coordination, conduct/ host audits and inspections. The Avastus management team has a vast knowledge in animal facilities. Having collectively worked with over 30 companies in the New England area has given the Avastus Management Team cutting-edge knowledge of the latest industry trends. Through our management assistance we have achieved AAALAC accreditations for many of our clients, and have proven our concept through successful collaborations with our clients.

Regulatory Compliance Services

The regulatory Compliance team holds extensive knowledge in the preclinical field. Offering services such as: protocol design, IACUC representation (multiple levels), protocol reviews, compliance monitoring, investigator training, grant submittals and more. We are also capable of providing a board certified D.V.M to conduct veterinary reviews and oversight.